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A safe and productive work environment is a top priority — could your workplace benefit from synergy in automation and safety management?

iSAM has partnered with Safety Plus to help your firm manage safety requirements and process automation.
As the leading providers of process automation and safety management solutions, iSAM and Safety Plus, work together to help our clients develop and enhance their automation and safety management programs.

  • Integration & Manual Use-Cases
    OPAAS (OSHA Pre-Check Accident Avoidance & Safety) can be seamlessly integrated into existing equipment such as Cranes and Forklifts with on-board computer systems.

  • Customize Equipment Pre-Check Lists
    iSAM Group works with each customer to develop customized equipment pre-check lists for every machine.

  • Ensure Only Equipment-Qualified Operators 
    Verifying the operator has the necessary training, medical clearance, and operator certifications to use a given piece of equipment reduces the risk of accidents, costly personnel injuries, and equipment repair expenses.

  • Exceeding Regulatory Compliance Standards
    OPAAS is designed to meet all auditing and CAPA requirements for ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), and OHSAS 18001 (Safety Management Systems).

  • Automating Safe Work Operations  
    OPAAS removes much of the human element that comes with equipment inspections, allowing management to prevent unqualified operators from accessing equipment and unsafe machinery from causing unnecessary incidents.

  • Track Employee Requirements 
    Assign training and other safety or employment requirements to your staff.

  • Inspections & Audits
    With SafetyPlusWeb™ Audits, your employees can perform safety audits on their own mobile device or tablet. 

  • Safety Meetings
    Keep safety on the top of your employees' minds by hosting Safety Meetings in the field.

  • Incident Management & OSHA Logs
    Capture all necessary OSHA 300, 300A, and OSHA 301 information, catalog man-hours, and auto-generate OSHA Logs. 

  • Advanced Analytics
    Analyze data within each SafetyPlusWeb™ module, including training, audits, incidents, safety meeting, and DOT management. 

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Meet iSAM Group

iSAM is a leading supplier of advanced port automation systems, autonomous welding systems, and aircraft repair equipment.
With over 35 years of manufacturing experience, iSAM is well attuned to the safety issues associated with large equipment operations.

How can iSAM North American Corporation help you?

  • Easily manage, track, and report equipment inspection data
  • Address all aspects of equipment inspection and certification 
  • Integrated software locks-out equipment until inspection
  • Ensure equipment is safety to operate 
  • Reduce incidents and costly injuries or equipment repairs 
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Meet Safety Plus

Safety Plus aims to help organizations create a safe and productive work environment through their online services and programs. By focusing on OSHA, USDOT, MSHA, and EPA regulations, Safety Plus ensures your company complies with the appropriate regulations. 

How can Safety Plus Inc. help you?

  • Online safety training
  • Ability to track employee requirements
  • Manage and perform safety audits
  • Host safety meetings
  • OSHA incident management logs
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